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Vegan Omega 3

Some of the best vegan omega 3 sources are nuts, like walnuts and almonds, soy products, like tofu and other soy proteins (soybean oil, however, generally has the omega 6 aspects of the soybean in much more prevalence than the omega 3). Broccoli and several other oils, like flaxseed oil and olive oil will also be a good source of omega 3.

You can also get supplements that are completely vegan in order to get enough omega 3. These include flax supplements. You should make sure that you check the fine print on any supplement and know exactly what it is made out of before you assume that the product is vegan, however.

Most omega 3 supplements are unfortunately made out of fish oil, so if you are a vegan and cannot eat any animal products, you will have to be careful which supplements you take.

Vegan omega 3 sources include primarily ALA, which is the alpha-linoleic fatty acid. This fatty acid is essential for your health and can be made into EPA by the body. (EPA is another essential fatty acid that you can get primarily through eating eggs and fish). However, your body will not manufacture more DHA – which makes staying healthy on an all vegan diet more difficult.