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Tofu Is Nutritional For Vegans

Tofu is commonly viewed as an exclusive vegan or vegetarian meat replacement. That is unfortunate since it can be used in so many different dishes and it is a healthy and highly-nutritional meat substitute.

Besides being a close replacement in taste, tofu is a smart nutritional choice when it comes to eliminating meat from your diet. When it comes to eating tofu, vegetarians and vegans alike know the dietary value of tofu dishes.

The fact that tofu is made from steamed and compressed soy beans and offers low-fat, low cholesterol and low calorie content once again means that it provides an important part of a vegetarians nutrition. Soy beans are noted for their protein content, which is something vegans commonly lack in their diet. Soy is known to be a heart healthy food with links to a decreased risk in cancer.

As well as being served as a meat alternative, tofu is frequently served in many spicy and ethnic dishes. A number of Eastern Indian meals have sizeable quantities of tofu cooked and spiced in a variety of ways.