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Must know about Vegetarian with Vegan

So a vegetarian path would be a good one to live out the results of this study in pursuit of better health and longevity. It might include yogurt, cheese, eggs and other dairy products. Some consider themselves vegetarian who also eat fish and sometimes chicken. Others say they don’t eat anything with “legs.” One must follow one’s own conscience and beliefs to create an individualized expression of vegetarianism. If animal products are consumed they ought best be organic, void of added hormones, free range vegetarian; if you have any doubt about how important it is to pay the little extra for organic dairy products, rent the movie “The Corporation.” It will cure you forever of eating non-organic dairy products.

Ah yes, the gentle vegans. This is the path of St. Francis of Assisi – a true vegan eats nothing of animal origin, wears nothing of animal origin. So does this mean they wear petroleum made shoes? Many vegans are proponents of hemp – an excellent resource for making everything from clothes to shoes; and the hemp seed is an excellent source of protein and essential fatty acids greatly enjoyed by many vegans.

As we journey on the path of conscious eating, becoming vegan or vegetarian is often a key to exploring greater awareness and presence. When one eats more lightly, one lives more gently on the Earth. Upwards of 40% of our greenhouse gasses are caused by feedlot factory animal farming and chopping down rainforests to grow more beef.