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Become Healthy Vegan

Becoming a healthy vegan is easy, because the diet itself is so healthful. Don’t be swayed by those who are shocked by your decision or try to convince you that becoming vegan is an extreme lifestyle. You’ll find that within a few months of becoming vegan you will feel better and even lose weight plus have more energy. A healthy vegan diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts make you feel full faster while needing to eat less. With veganism, there is a much more efficient use of calories and it shows in your looks, health and energy.

Meat and other animal by-products are not necessary for the human diet. Most cultures in the world eat largely vegetarian diets, and their average life spans are generally much longer than American ones (See ‘The China Study’ for more statistics). Nature provides solutions for getting protein in the form of nuts and legumes. Modern technology has also made convenient substitutes for animal products like hamburgers, eggs, milk, and cheese that are healthier and don’t involve the harming of any animal.

Though most of the changes involved in becoming vegan are about what you eat, you have to remember that many animal products are involved in the clothes we wear. Leather is one animal by-product that is often used in shoes and jackets, but thankfully much more vegan-friendly substitutes are being used each day.

Becoming vegan is about more than just eating a specific diet. It is the environmentally, compassionate, healthy choice. It isn’t hard to make the switch to veganism. Getting rich diversity of nuts, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits in your diet are more than enough to make you a very healthy vegan.