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Monthly Archives: October 2017

A Double Case of Back Injuries

A day at the park with my family turned into one of pain due to an injury. My grandfather slipped and fell, causing him to have pain in his back that prevented him from walking. Our outing had to be cut short so we could find one of the Petaluma chiropractors to treat him. While trying to carry my grandfather back to the car, I injured my own back. The pain interfered with my ability to walk as well, so my wife had to take both of us to the chiropractor. We should have just gone to the amusement park like I suggested in the first place.

The chiropractor examined us and determined that nothing in our backs were broken. We just needed to stay off our feet for a few days while our injuries had a chance to heal. For the next week, my wife essentially took the role of caregiver for the both of us. She had to prepare meals for us, help us get in and out of the bathroom, and even helped us change clothes.