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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Tofu Is Nutritional For Vegans

Tofu is commonly viewed as an exclusive vegan or vegetarian meat replacement. That is unfortunate since it can be used in so many different dishes and it is a healthy and highly-nutritional meat substitute.

Besides being a close replacement in taste, tofu is a smart nutritional choice when it comes to eliminating meat from your diet. When it comes to eating tofu, vegetarians and vegans alike know the dietary value of tofu dishes.

The fact that tofu is made from steamed and compressed soy beans and offers low-fat, low cholesterol and low calorie content once again means that it provides an important part of a vegetarians nutrition. Soy beans are noted for their protein content, which is something vegans commonly lack in their diet. Soy is known to be a heart healthy food with links to a decreased risk in cancer.

As well as being served as a meat alternative, tofu is frequently served in many spicy and ethnic dishes. A number of Eastern Indian meals have sizeable quantities of tofu cooked and spiced in a variety of ways.

Vegan Lifestyle

Expanded Palate
Vegans learn to enjoy a very wide range of vegetables which leads to an expanded palate. Recipes abound for cooking every vegetable imaginable. When veggies are just a side dish, it’s convenient to settle for a few of them to complement meat, such as potato salad, peas and carrots, or corn. Once veggies are the main dish, however, one starts to appreciate many more ingredients enriching the dining experience.

Global Impact
The vegan lifestyle is much more than food. It’s about the environment, climate, sustainable development, efficient allocation of food sources, and animal welfare. Many of the themes associated with going green are linked to veganism. When one chooses to be a vegan, one participates and supports these themes. The impact of eating vegan is so powerful, that if everyone did it constantly or even occasionally, many of these issues would resolve themselves.

Increased Mobility
Nutritionists, dietitians, and health scientists are confirming the health benefits of a plant-based diet over a meat-based one. Lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, and longer life spans are possible outcomes with a vegan diet. Fewer health problems mean that one is more active and mobile and can enjoy life more fully.

Larger Social Network
The vegan community is large and growing. Vegans enjoy sharing their experiences and finding companions who understand the reasons for their eating habits. Meeting and connecting with new people is one of the fun social aspects of being vegan.

New Knowledge
The vegan diet is focused on ingredients, health, and nutrition. To enjoy vegan food and stay healthy, one inevitably learns more about nutrition and the impact of ingredients on health. Over time, by paying attention to what it consumed and the value of each ingredient, one becomes familiar with vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients and with it comes new knowledge and power.

Vegan Omega 3

Some of the best vegan omega 3 sources are nuts, like walnuts and almonds, soy products, like tofu and other soy proteins (soybean oil, however, generally has the omega 6 aspects of the soybean in much more prevalence than the omega 3). Broccoli and several other oils, like flaxseed oil and olive oil will also be a good source of omega 3.

You can also get supplements that are completely vegan in order to get enough omega 3. These include flax supplements. You should make sure that you check the fine print on any supplement and know exactly what it is made out of before you assume that the product is vegan, however.

Most omega 3 supplements are unfortunately made out of fish oil, so if you are a vegan and cannot eat any animal products, you will have to be careful which supplements you take.

Vegan omega 3 sources include primarily ALA, which is the alpha-linoleic fatty acid. This fatty acid is essential for your health and can be made into EPA by the body. (EPA is another essential fatty acid that you can get primarily through eating eggs and fish). However, your body will not manufacture more DHA – which makes staying healthy on an all vegan diet more difficult.

Vegan Smoothies Diet

Vegan simple means there is no animal products included. No milk, cheese, or honey. Everything you need was growing on a plant somewhere and is now waiting for you to enjoy. Every day there is a new diet plan being marketed, a new “secret” weight loss formula selling books, or another diet guru on TV. The fads come and go like the weather. Many people are drawn in by these fad diets, promising weight loss results if you just buy all the things they are selling.

The vegan smoothie diet requires no guru, no secret formula, and no expensive meal replacements bars. All you need is a fridge full of fruits and vegetables, a good blender, and a desire to be your best. Rather than some new fad diet, this is the way humans were eating for millions of years. Our ancestors ran on fresh fruits and vegetables in their natural form, and how many overweight, sluggish cavemen do you think survived the harsh conditions?

For some, these fad diets may work at first. Water weight loss or burning of excess fat is common. Unfortunately, it all comes back once you stop the fad dieting. And with it health problems from ingesting unhealthy chemicals and mixes. Instead, a vegan smoothie diet gives your body exactly what it needs. Raw fruits and vegetables. Simple fill up your blender with a few fresh berries, a banana, and a handful of leafy greens. Then mix.

The green smoothie you create may not look good, but it tastes wonderful. The natural sugars found in the fresh fruit is better than the artificial sweeteners found in most foods. And veggie-phobes and take care, you will not taste the greens at all. There are many different ways to create a delicious vegan smoothie, but they all end up the same way: a healthy alternative to fad diets and weight loss lies. When you feed your body what it needs it will easily drop pounds, gain energy, and feel better.

And because this is not a diet, there is no worry about gaining every thing back later. You can continue to enjoy a vegan smoothie once a day, or more, for the rest of your life to continue getting your daily needs without taking away from your life.